"Divine Dairy – Birds of a feather flock together"

"So become part of our organic family – Divine Dairy"

On the wind-swept banks of the Murray River's lower lakes is an organic dairy and the beginning of our cheese story.

This is no ordinary dairy – in fact it's entirely unique, because it's also a sanctuary and currently the chosen home to the largest population in Australia of protected native Cape Barren Geese.

Once naively culled by farmers of history for their consumption of crops, now protected, embraced and supported by our 4th generational family of dairy farmers to coexist on the organic farm.

At Divine Dairy, we promote sustainability between humanity and our natural environment. With a global view towards leaving a better world for our children's children. Enjoy with us in the success of new farming approaches that share the land for both man and creature – great and small.

It's a peaceful scene to watch as our dairy cows graze harmoniously amongst the families of geese along the lush organic pastures.

From grass to cow, from milk to cheese, and onto your plate - be part of a story that is environmentally thoughtful and seeks to embrace the truest essence of organic farming.