The Divine Dairy range of cheese is made with organic cows' milk and with organic practices – we are certified by Australian Certified Organic.

As per Australian law, all of the milk must be pasteurised, however we use a gentle form of pasteurisation to keep the milk under 70 degrees – this retains the integrity of the milk protein structure which is usually denatured at higher temperatures. Structurally intact milk protein, and the high butterfat of organic milk, results in buttery delicious cheese.

The Divine Dairy cheese range encompasses the following cheeses:

Divine Dairy
Organic Brie 200g

Divine Dairy
Organic Camembert 200g & 1kg

Divine Dairy
Double Cream Brie 200g & 1kg

Divine Dairy
Blue 160g & 2kg

Our cheese is hand made to high standards of quality and consistency - have a taste and see if you also agree with us… the best organic cheese in Australia!

"So become part of our organic family – Divine Dairy – Birds of feather flock together..."