Our Stoty

Saul and Sheree Sullivan of Udder Delights have teamed up with the Chandler family of Mulgundawa Dairy to bring you the Divine Dairy organic range of cheese.

Mulgundawa Dairy was started 4 generations ago by ‘Great Grandpa Roy’ when he returned from World War 2. The 2,000 acre farm is now run by Roy’s grandson Mark Chandler, his wife Jenny, and their three children Simon, Jess and Kane. An honourable mention must also go to Charli, Baxter and Missy – the tireless and always loyal farm dogs who are faithful shadows.

Mark was responsible for converting the conventionally run dairy to an organic farming system in 2002 – he continually relied upon his office poster during this period which said ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Today, his dedication has paid off as fifteen years later their farm is thriving – the land is healthy, the cows are healthy, and the family is healthy.

Excitingly the children are showing a passion and invested interest in the farm, its development and its future– now doing all of the milking and calf rearing themselves, while Mark oversees the land mangement and its growing of organic grass and feed.

Organic farming not only makes sense from a land health point of view, but also from a financial point of view. The Chandler family are paid a premium price for their organic milk – a price which makes the farm viable and means that generations to come have a secure financial future on the land.

Udder Delights is run by husband and wife team Saul and Sheree Sullivan, who have been developing their cheese making business (established by Sheree’s parents) for the past 18 years. Saul stumbled across the Chandler family and their Mulgundawa Dairy in 2010 when he heard along the grape vine that they were going to close down because they weren’t getting enough money for their milk. Saul saw an opportunity to not only develop an exciting new range of organic cheeses, but also a viable way to keep a dairy family in business – he immediately doubled the price of their milk overnight and will never forget Mark’s mum, Kay, hugging him saying “You’ve saved our family farm”.

The team at Udder Delights lends their extensive cheese making experience to the amazing organic milk – and creates what we think is the best organic cheese in the country.

"So become part of our organic family – Divine Dairy – Birds of feather flock together..."